Monday, February 21, 2011

Fresh new blog start (Nicolas Jaar - Space is only noise)

I decided to open a blog to be able to share my newest and older pieces of music that I own. I'll try to write on a regular basis. I hope the small mistakes in my texts won't be noticed :)

So I'll start with a rather new addition to my library:

Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise 

I first heard of this guy in an electronic music magazine I randomly picked up (who actually buys those?) because of a long wait. Of course I read the article about him, because he shares the last last name with me. In the interview they had with him, he seemed like a young (21), quite arrogant producer who is studying at Brown University and already has gathered some experience as a DJ. He described some strange ideas about music; how he likes to give the listener the possibility to add his own textures to the sound, to create acoustic spheres and let people think about what they just heard.

So yeah, that sure sounded interesting... 

I was absolutely astounished when I actually heard the album. Lot's of genres were mixed here and it's really difficult to put this in a genre. I love falling asleep to the smooth vocals and minimal claps and beats which fit together so very natural. I see lots of potential for future releases from this guy!

Defintely check this out if you like: Trentemoller, Four Tet, The Field, James Holden, or ambient/minimal techno with sweet melodies.

8.5/10 Stars



  1. i really like trentemoller and holden. thanks for sharing. i'll give it a shot.

  2. I love Trentemoller. And i also like Four Tet and The Field. Definitely going to listen to this... :) thank you for the suggestion!

  3. Interesting. I'll check it out o.O

  4. cool stuff, i listen to a lot of four tet + holden. followed!

  5. Great song, great artist! Thanks for introducing me to him. Seems Dub FX will be paused for a bit.

    Long live electro!